Seajet Antifouling at Marine Supplies Direct

For any boat owner, keeping the hull free from sea life is crucial. This is where antifouling paints come in, acting as a protective barrier against barnacles, algae, and mussels. Seajet is a brand renowned for its innovative and high-performance antifouling solutions. Here, we'll explain Seajet's offerings, exploring their various products, key features, and what makes them a preferred choice for many boaters.

Seajet's story began in the 1990s with the development of their yacht paint and has evolved into a diverse range of antifouling paints. Thanks to decades of research, testing and innovation, Seajet are able to offer the most cutting edge antifouling paints on the market, and have become THE choice for countless marine enthausiats around the world. 

The Seajet Range


Seajet boasts a comprehensive portfolio catering to various boat types, sailing speeds, and fouling environments. Here's a look at their key products:


Self-Polishing Antifoulings (SPAs)


Seajet 033 Shogun: This award-winning, tin-free SPA delivers excellent all-round performance, lasting up to two seasons in moderate fouling areas. Ideal for boats up to 40 knots, it comes in various colors and is suitable for most water types.

Seajet 034 Emperor: Designed for high-fouling areas, this SPA offers superior protection through its advanced biocide package.

Seajet 031 Samurai: A budget-friendly option for moderate fouling areas, this SPA provides good protection for boats up to 40 knots.
Seajet 039 Platinum: For the ultimate performance in high-fouling areas, this SPA boasts cutting-edge resin technology and multi-season protection.


Conventional Antifoulings:


Seajet 037 Coastal: This hard antifouling is perfect for inland and coastal waters with low to moderate fouling pressure.



Specialty Products:


Seajet Alusafe 038: A copper-free SPA specifically formulated for aluminum hulls.

Seajet 034 Emperor A Propeller Triple-pack: This targeted solution protects propellers, outdrives, and other underwater gear.

Seajet's commitment goes beyond offering a diverse product range. They emphasize key features that enhance the experience for boat owners. Catering to environmental concerns, some Seajet products like the 031 Samurai and 038 Alusafe are tin-free. Many Seajet paints are user-friendly, enabling DIY application for boat enthusiasts.

Smooth, self-polishing surfaces offered by SPAs reduce drag, leading to improved fuel efficiency. Depending on the chosen product and fouling pressure, Seajet paints can offer protection for up to two seasons. Seajet products are readily available through various marine chandlers and online retailers worldwide. Seajet understands that choosing the right antifouling paint can be overwhelming. They provide comprehensive resources on their website, including product details, application guides, and compatibility information. Additionally, their customer service team is readily available to answer questions and guide boat owners towards the best solution for their specific needs. See below for a comprehensive video guide on how to apply Seatjet antifouling paint.

With its commitment to innovation, a diverse product range, and focus on user experience, Seajet has solidified its position as a leading provider of antifouling paints. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a weekend boater, Seajet offers a solution that fits your specific needs and helps you navigate the waters with a clean and efficient hull. Consider Seajet's offerings and begin a hassle-free boating experience.